How to determine a value of a travel blog?

Good thoughts on Travel blogging and travel journalism.

Whether you are a travel blogger or a travel business, content creator or content marketing – this video will give you some good insights.


Instagram Engagement.

A discussion on a social media engagement.

There is a lot of irrelevant and very basic posts and videos around the Internet about Instagram engagement.

Very basic and obvious tips are:

– Post frequently.
– Upload relevant posts.
– Upload posts on appropriate time when your audience is online.
– Comment and like pictures of other users.
– Run contests.
– Use hashtags.

However, these are too obvious and yes man, everyone already know that.

So, today’s post is about less common and better engagement techniques.

Instagram engagement and conversation

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iPhone->Nexus. Apple crush.

Experience & random thought on switching iPhone to Android. iPhone to Nexus.

A life from a blank page. Big changes are coming and it is time to try something new and to escape Apple sect.

So this was a big decision and a long way to it.

Day 0 – late night bought the Nexus 6P, sleeping is for losers! Install all the apps for one night challenge. Done.

Oooooooops I have to buy all my applications again..  Oopps there are not all the apps available for the android that are available for the iphone.

Day 1 – created first contact in my Continue reading