Excited starting a new business project.

So I’ve started my very serious academic work, which is related to my blog.

At the end of my studies, I finally realize that I am doing all this in a very important purpose – develop my professionalism in blogging. It is time to take it even more seriously and to do a proper work.

_DSC7091 (Large)

I was thinking of a topic for a while and I was not sure if I could propose my blogging hobby as a business that I was going to develop for my final masters degree project.

I’ve been brainstorming the topics and was thinking to help to some of my friends who are doing their business to develop it. Firstly, I am still not too confident in my competence, I’ve always have a luck of arrogance lol.

Secondly, I thinking even if I do all this job, I can not be sure someone would really use it and implement in business.

So, why not using it for myself and se how it goes?

Even if I fail, no one will witness it except of myself. I will have more confidence in my hobby and possibly and hopefully I can bring my hobby to the next level. All I want – to spread the voice, to have more interaction with the visitors and possible collaborations with the other bloggers and brands.

Writing and reviewing, suggesting and sharing information, exploring something and share the experiences – that is what I am really enjoying. I believe there are people who would like what I do and I only need to find the way to reach them.

If you like travel, style travel and interesting in lifestyle in Australia – come and say hello to my blog www.innagram.com. 

Here, on wordpress.com/innagramblog  I will share with you my experiences, insights and finding, so stay updated. This information might be useful for those who blog or who is interested in digital marketing.

Wish me luck 🙂





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