iPhone->Nexus. Apple crush.

Experience & random thought on switching iPhone to Android. iPhone to Nexus.

A life from a blank page. Big changes are coming and it is time to try something new and to escape Apple sect.

So this was a big decision and a long way to it.

Day 0 – late night bought the Nexus 6P, sleeping is for losers! Install all the apps for one night challenge. Done.

Oooooooops I have to buy all my applications again..  Oopps there are not all the apps available for the android that are available for the iphone.

Day 1 – created first contact in my phone.nexus Continue reading


Music for YouTube videos

Not copyrighted music for your videos!

Awesome music that would not get you strikes on youtube!

Please, respect the owners and mention them. Even better if you contact and ask.

Hope you like it – let me know what do you think and do not forget to subscribe to my channel