iPhone->Nexus. Apple crush.

Experience & random thought on switching iPhone to Android. iPhone to Nexus.

A life from a blank page. Big changes are coming and it is time to try something new and to escape Apple sect.

So this was a big decision and a long way to it.

Day 0 – late night bought the Nexus 6P, sleeping is for losers! Install all the apps for one night challenge. Done.

Oooooooops I have to buy all my applications again..  Oopps there are not all the apps available for the android that are available for the iphone.

Day 1 – created first contact in my phone.nexus

The thing is I do not want to synchronize all my contact and I just want to start everything from a blank page, to safe just the contacts that I use. There was a ton of the outdated contacts that I do not need, but there was also an issue to go through the address book and to delete them all.

Thin-king (how coo is that word accidentally came out 🙂 I’ll just live it like this.

So, thinking of the iphone and missing lots of things. Different world of emoji and they look weird. Miss my iphone emoji and it breaks my heart. Lol. Android emoji are not that cool and look more ridiculous.

The big screen is actually not that huge and quite suitable for my hand.

The screen is amazing and I love it.

I also love all the google tools because I became a google fan and a contributor lastly.

Ooops I can not have my old messages from whatsapp – so I need to open my old phone.

Again, I do not want to synchronize, I just recover some stuff, like google account and chats from whatsapp, but there is no messages in the chat. Fine.

I wish I had 50 hours in a day instead of 24. I really need to seat down with 2 phones and sort out all the information and digital crap 🙂

Finger print scanner at the back of the phone is cool.  It works well for me and for my long fingers. Apparently I’ll have to carry 2 phones for a while.

And yes, I’ll need to go to the china town to get a glass screen protector. Wearing my phone wrapped in a LV wallet case today and being very gentle with it 🙂

Only 3 sad things that I would like to have in this google phone – waterproof as Samsung edge, super long battery life and video stabilizing as Huawei Mate and also 23 mp filmig as Sony. Anyone make the phone real with all those features together, operating by Nexus ? 🙂

Google brand got me on the hook now 🙂 Let’s see for how long. I am still excited about new iPhone coming out in September 🙂

So I’ve got pretty ambiguous feelings and I can not tell I am super excited for the new phone that cost almost a USD 1000, but I am quite curious what is going to happened next and I have big hopes for the Nexus and Google.




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