Instagram Engagement.

A discussion on a social media engagement.

There is a lot of irrelevant and very basic posts and videos around the Internet about Instagram engagement.

Very basic and obvious tips are:

– Post frequently.
– Upload relevant posts.
– Upload posts on appropriate time when your audience is online.
– Comment and like pictures of other users.
– Run contests.
– Use hashtags.

However, these are too obvious and yes man, everyone already know that.

So, today’s post is about less common and better engagement techniques.

Instagram engagement and conversation


– What does social media engagement basically mean?
… physically it is mostly about comments, likes and shares. Well, it is also about emotions and intangible strings, that are connecting follower to a certain personnel or a customer to a certain brand.

How is about something really humanized and really interesting that draws back your followers no matter if you they see your posts on the feed or not?

There are some profiles that I’ve unsubscribed for different reasons, but I keep coming back to them and their particular feeds are always in my mind. I am kind of curious what are they doing now, what do they post and what I’ve missed since opened their galleries last time.

Some personnels or brands really can pass certain emotions, skills and knowledge.
Although brands are less likely to do that, but they are can hire someone who will post for their feed, e.g. some influencer, bloggers, celebrities.

Example: a blogger announce that she/he is taking over xxx brand Instagram, so the audience of this blogger is looking forward to see more of their posts and start to follow that brand.

Another way of increasing engagement of the brand is to like and repost the loyal fans and followers pics. Make them feel recognised. This will boost their activity and involvement to your brand too.
(good example here is Starbucks)13636243_587006454794570_1402843982_n.jpg

For example, if someone posts the picture in your clothes or in your cafe or with your book or mentioned you – make sure you let them know, you noticed them. That will promote crowdsourcing that will work for you.

Remember: your audience will give you back something in exchange of something that you can give them. So do not make it only a one way benefit for you. Recognise their meaning for you and appreciate them.

One of the obvious tips for the feed, however often ignored:
-> do not post only your products and do not make just a catalogue of your business on instagram. This kind of profiles and posts looks not real and not alife. Instead, post some interesting facts about industry in general and post people who use your product.

Everything starts from conversation. Initially, all kind of social media are about conversations.

So, start it. Let them know some of your secrets, some of the behind the scenes moments, feelings and thoughts.

Make people talk one to another. Create a provocative posts. But keep it censored, otherwise Instagram might block you. Share a open ended question or talk about something that people can argue about or discuss. This is a very powerful way of create a conversation and many leaders use that technique. Show that you care and express your opinion, hold the conversation. But remember to be diplomatic at the same time.

Share your story, but step by step, share short messages and sometimes make it longer. Do not post too much, otherwise, it looks spammy and people will unfollow you. Post about 1-2 pics a day to keep the awareness and conversation on.

Great tip from Kissmetrics marketing blog about instagram engagement – inspire your audience. People feel good when they are inspired.

Great lesson from the book Mastering story, community and influence by Jay Oatway:

Imagine you are in the cocktail party where everyone is talking only about themselves. Would you be interested to be on that party? You will need to listen what people are talking about and monitor the trends, answer and handle that conversation.

So, have a look what people are talking about, search for particular news and hashtags in your niche, see the problems and perhaps, offer the solution. 



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