Hello, thanks for stopping by!

I am Inna, a girl from Siberia who also lived inUSA, Indonesia and USA and currently live in Sydney, Australia.

I am studying and experiencing Digital Marketing here in Sydney and I’ve traveled a lot, so now I am doing my two favorite things – I am using digital world for sharing my travel stories, passions and experiences. My main blog is http://www.innagram.com – a place for travel, style and beauty inspiration. Yes, I also love beauty and style, as almost every girl does:)

And this is my blogging diary. Here I share my experiences blogging. For those who are new and who is trying to start and develop the blog. I write about mine own mistakes and experiences, thoughts and tips.

Blogging is comprehensive. You need to have knowledge in SEO, writing, PR, marketing, social and digital media, networking, taking and editing pictures and more and more. Everyday there is something new! This world is wonderful, creative, sometimes challenging and fun.

I also love filming and post videos of my travel adventures about my travels around Australia and around the world here on my YouTube channel – please, be kind and subscribe 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmZ-T4eq0HaES6h0A91CJ0Q.

Stop by, say hello and feel free to contact me for any tips.

I can review your blog and we can discuss what can be improved. If you have any suggestions for mine – please, let me know.

If you think you like my blog – make sure to say hello, collaborations, media exchange and writing about each other are the good ideas, aren’t they?


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