Engagement in Social Media case studies.

Why do you need engaging with customers/followers in social medias.

Case study.


Maria really likes brand ‘X’ and she was keeping buying items from this brand for about a year. Moreover, hence Maria was promoting brand ‘X’ in social medias, shooting and posting photos of the items purchased, following the brand’s social media platforms, giving credits, likes and shares. After making about 5 purchases online (a few items each), I never got any respond from brands social media. And it was quite embarrassing to the point that she unfollowed all the social media channel and simply switched the brand to the one that communicates with the customers. Because she did not have any answers back from the brand.

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YouTube mistakes. Short summary.

Simple guide to don’t and do on Youtube.

By dummy to dummies 🙂 For very new people, who is starting a channel.

  • Do not buy any views, subscribers, likes and comments – they will more likely will find out and ban you for the life time. You will lose all your effort and would not be able to come back.
  • Be positive in your videos and comments.
  • You will get traffic for sure, creating meaningful content.
  • Review your video and ask someone to watch it before posting, there might be some mistakes, that you do not see. Reloading your video you’ll lost some views and confuse your subscribers.
  • Do not cut your video to much while editing. It is difficult to read that kind of posts.
  • Write meaningful description, starting with the key words naturally – that helps optimizing the search.
  • Make sure you’ve got enough light. Film with the day light.
  • Do not use any music. You simply can not do that according to the copyright policy. Instead, find some covers and not copyrighted music (just google how to do it – there are many ways). Keep exploring new tracks. To check if the track has copyrights – I normally Shazam the track. If you can buy it – the track is copyrighted.
  • You can use the music from the youtube playlist that they offer for your videos. Or, iMovie ones. However, It is slightly annoying to hear that so many people using the same melodies.

What else would you recommend and what you wish you should now?

Hope it is helpful.

Cheers! And happy youtubing 🙂

My blogging experience that will help you.

Here is what I’ve learned blogging on practice, the most important points for you that easy to understand, even if you know nothing.

I’ve started my blog innagram.com about 2 years ago and blogged occasionally when I’ve got time and inspiration. Most importantly, time. I am a full time student, who is working part time. During my  free time, a several times a year I travel around Australia with my partner, a passionate surfer and documentary photography, Valentino from Operaphoto.

So with my passion to travel, photographer partner and love to create content, such photos, videos and text, I’ve managed to get all my passion and opportunities together in my blogging project innagram.

Although blogging might look easy, however in reality it is something that takes more time and effort than any office job. Blogging is 24/7. You will need some passion and inspiration, and not only. You are going to sleep with your posts ideas, editing videos for 15 hours or even more and wake up in the middle of the night and making notes for your new posts.

This confirms that creative people are crazy people. However, you need to be business oriented as well, set the goals and meetings with photographers, brand managers, editors and other bloggers.  Continue reading